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The Psychotherapy Journal seeks to enhance the development of psychotherapy as a scientific and evidence-based human activity and profession. One of its goals is to keep a balance between evidence-based practice and practice-oriented research. The Journal creates a space for dialogue among representatives of psychotherapy theory, clinical practice, and research. It pays attention to ethical aspects, psychotherapy training, and the development of the profession within the international context.

The Journal understands psychotherapy as a cultural phenomenon that could be viewed as both art and science. Because of many existing psychotherapy theories and their applications in diverse contexts, the Journal advocates for pluralistic framework in psychotherapy. In this regard, the Journal is an arena for communication among representatives of various disciplines: addictology, counselling, mental health, psychology, psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, social work, training etc. As an example of both a pluralistic framework and interdisciplinary exchange, the Journal regularly organizes international psychotherapy symposia.

The Journal´s editorial board acknowledges those trends in contemporary psychotherapy, which support research and which foster mutually enriching dialogue among various psychotherapeutic modalities. The board´s aim is to build an authorship as well as editorial work together with members of the international Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR) and Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI). The Journal publishes original papers, research studies, review articles, book reviews and other texts relevant to psychotherapy. Not only seasoned authors and respected psychotherapists are allowed to publish in the Journal, but also novice practitioners, students of both Master´s and Postgraduate programmes, and also foreign colleagues. The peer reviewed papers are published in accord withthe standards of the American Psychology Association (APA) Publication Manual. The journal is issued three times a year.

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ISSN 1802-3983 / MK ČR E 18868

The journal was founded in September 1990 under name Konfrontace. Till December 2006 there were 66 issues published (17 volumes); since vol. 2007 it is published as Psychoterapie.

Published at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.


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