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Práca so snami z pohľadu integrovanej psychoterapie

Dream work in integrated psychotherapy point of view


This paper seeks to reflect the possibilities of using dreams in the view of integrated psychotherapy. At the beginning authors briefly introduce the theoretical background of working with dreams in psychotherapy. For illustration, we give a brief examples of psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy fragments of practice and integrated psychotherapists work with dreams. Usage of action techniques has its own specifics in the group and especially in individual form, which we also describe briefly. Integrated psychotherapy aims to eliminate and correct self-defeating behavior of dreamer towards adaptive form in real life. In psychodrama and through the abreaction dreams can reveal these counterproductive behavior patterns. This corrective emotional experience helps to the overall therapeutic change.

Peter Kusý, Depertment of school education, Faculty of Education, University of Trnava, Slovak Republic
      e-mail: peterkusy7 [at]
Ferdinand Knobloch, Professor emeritus, University of British Columbia, California, USA
      e-mail: knobloch19 [at]