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Trauma z pohledu biosyntézy: Od fragmentace k integraci

Trauma from the biosynthetic standpoint: from fragmentation to intergation


Biosynthesis arose as a response to the theme of psychological trauma, i.e. an experience which disturbs the mental balance and functioning human being. That is why the topic of trauma, its treatment options and work with traumatized clients runs through Biosynthesis psychotherapy as a central thread. David Boadella, the founder of Biosynthesis, worked for many years with children with developmental difficulties. He worked to find the personal resources of clients and utilise them optimally, which is another important aspect biosynthesis.

Biosynthesis is based on detailed knowledge of the morphology of the body, its functioning and also on human embryological development. At the same time, it’s influenced by the analytic experience of Boadella with his inspiration coming from Reich. The most valuable contribution of Biosynthesis in the care and treatment of trauma can be considered its emphasis on client safety and the prevention of retraumatization. This is achieved primarily through therapeutic procedures such as detotalization specific to biosynthetic work.

Yvonna Lucká, Czech Institute For Biosynthesis, Praha, Czech Republic
      e-mail: yvonna.lucka [at]
Barbora Janečková, Czech Institute For Biosynthesis, Praha, Czech Republic
      e-mail: barbora.janeckova [at]