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Vodítka pro práci s traumatem: Inspirace z gestalt terapie

Guides for working with trauma: An inspiration from gestalt therapy


Psychotherapy is proved to be a basic component of a successful treatment of people with posttraumatic reactions. However, still open remains the question which concrete aspects and procedures of psychotherapy approach are the most helpful. The following text presents a basic theoretical introduction to the topic of trauma from the perspective of a relational and experiential psychotherapy approach. A summary of a recent research study of Gestalt therapy of trauma is included. Practical guides for a psychotherapy work with trauma are introduced.

Ivana Vidaković, Gestalt Studio in Belgrade, Serbia
      e-mail: ividakovic [at]
Jan Roubal, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
      e-mail: [at]
Willi Butollo, Institute for Traumatherapy, München, Germany
      e-mail: willi [at]