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Vodítka pro výběr klienta do psychoterapie – pilotní studie

Clues for selection of client to psychotherapy – pilot study


Authors created a 32-items method for assessing aspects of client/patient selection for psychotherapy for colleagues in early phase of therapeutic experiences. The final method examines three categories - competence and the framework of psychotherapy under supervision during training, contamination of psychotherapy with external relations and factors of the future client. Experts assessed the items as relevant. There were minimal differences in rating of items between experienced psychotherapists and participants of psychotherapeutic training. Stratified Cronbach’s alfa was 0,896. Authors recommend the method as an (didactic) aid for considering the suitability of selection the clients for psychotherapy, especially for beginners in psychotherapy. 

Marek Preiss, National Institute of Mental Health, Prague, Czech Republic
      e-mail: marek.preiss [at]
Jana Geisslerová, Prague College of Psychosocial Studies, Prague, Czech Republic
      e-mail: jana.geisslerova [at]
Veronika Juríčková, National Institute of Mental Health, Prague, Czech Republic
      e-mail: veronika.jurickova [at]